We are inviting a brand new wave of students into our community here at Village Youth. With the confusion and uncertainty about our gatherings and our culture we decided to do a series on our weekly gathering and why we do some of the things we do. This series will be following the early church in Acts 2, where they committed to teaching, fellowship, communion, and prayer. Join us as we learn together.


Welcome Home: Prayer

Michael Chinchilla | Oct. 10, 2017 | Duration: 41:10

Welcome Home: Breaking bread

Michael Chinchilla | Oct. 3, 2017 | Duration: 42:23

Welcome Home: Breaking bread

Michael Chinchilla | Sept. 19, 2017 | Duration: 40:34

Welcome Home: Good samaritan

Michael Chinchilla | Sept. 12, 2017 | Duration: 37:05