Head Games: Night 1 Recap

Title: Where does your mind wander?

By: Kimmi Poleshuk

The birthmark of a Christian is the bulls-eye; the arrow is aimed at us is our own thoughts. Today, you are not that emotion you are feeling; instead, you are welcomed to have the mind of Christ.

The statements above do a pretty good job of summing up what was talked about at Village Youth last night. As Michael took the stage to discuss the complex topic of our minds, he reminded us that even though biologically our bodies sometimes work involuntarily – meaning uncontrollable actions like our heart beating, we have control over our thoughts and the types of chemicals that we are sending through our brains which affect our emotions.

But, enough with all the discussion of science because we have God. Did you know that you have the mind of Christ? This is the word that Pastor Michael preached tonight, and gave us 4 verses to prove that this is true. Check out these verses for yourself:

2 Corinthians 10:5

2 Corinthians 2:16

Colossians 3:2

Philippians 13: 14-16

So, what does it mean to have a mind of Christ? In case you missed out last night, it means that because of the Gospel, or in other words: the story of Jesus’ life, we can begin to spiritually transform how we think. Even at the micro-levels we are in a fight with Satan, and by using the Gospel as our defense mechanism the more control we have over our Christ-minded thoughts, the worse Satan’s aim is to us as Christians

In condensing a couple of things Pastor Michael said tonight, his story of spilling San Pellegrino on himself is not only hilarious but demonstrates how in a moment of feeling embarrassment, something transcendent happened when he took a different perspective. It was easy for Pastor Michael to fall into these feelings of embarrassment because just like the metaphor of a clear a path through an overgrown jungle, it came so naturally to go there. But, when he took the less travelled pathway, which may have been a bit trickier to navigate through, his thoughts transformed to the exact opposite: a hilarious story. (Thanks for the lesson on the behalf of your expense Pastor Michael).

Hitting this idea home, when we shift out thoughts to the Gospel and clear this pathway more thoroughly than any other in our minds, this should have the strength to change our emotions, and once our emotions are changed our behaviour changes too. This plays off of the diagram that Pastor Michael made and showed us:

sermon slide - 1.jpg

I believe this is one of the most powerful ways to live a life in Christ, when it becomes outwardly visible in our behaviours for others to see and wonder how He can transform our lives leading them to know more about Him.

Try this daily exercise and see how it affects your life in Christ. Repeat the following phrases out loud or in your head daily:

“I am not the thing I am feeling”

“Jesus died on the cross for me”

“I have the mind of Christ”

and let these words truly take effect onto your life

Hint: You have to believe it. 


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